Vincent Crotty

  • SOLD, Blasket Isle, Oil 15"x30"
  • SOLD, Blasket Isle Slipway, Oil 11"x14"
  • SOLD, Coming Home, Oil 18"x24"
  • SOLD, Cork City, Oil 12"x16"
  • SOLD, Early Morning Light, Oil 16"x24"
  • SOLD, Patrick's Hill, Cork City, Oil 8"x10"
  • SOLD, Haybarn, Oil 9"x14"
  • SOLD, Kinsale, Oil 9"x14"
  • SOLD, Home Sweet Home, Oil 8"x10"
  • SOLD, Old Man, Kanturk, Oil 12"x14"
  • SOLD, Nocturne, Oil 20"x20"
  • SOLD, The Stream, Oil 20"x24"
  • SOLD, Snowy Day, Oil 11"x14"
  • SOLD, Street Watching, Oil 12"x14"

Vincent Crotty was born and raised in Kanturk, Co. Cork, a small town in southwest Ireland. He began painting at age seven, inspired by his mother’s interest in art and the beauty of his natural surroundings. In his early 20s, Vincent studied sign painting and decorating in Cork City, Ireland, where he mastered the old-world skill of painting free-hand letters, Celtic designs, and evocative pictorial signs.

In 1990, Vincent immigrated to Boston to seek out further art training. Since then, he has pursued intensive study in oil painting, focusing on representational art in landscape and figure painting. Vincent has studied with many notable artists, both in Boston and in Arizona at the Scotsdale Artists’ School. His teachers include John Kilroy, Mark Daily, David Leffel, and Paul Rahilly. He has also traveled widely to study plein air painting, with the Plein Air Painters of America and with Kevin MacPherson, Matt Smith, and the internationally acclaimed marine artist John Stobart. In 2001, he received the John Stobart Foundation “Award for Excellence in Plein Air Painting.”

Vincent is a versatile artist who spends his time painting landscapes, seascapes, and street scenes. As an urban realist, Vincent’s paintings of Boston and other cities celebrate the often-overlooked, gritty corners of urban American life. Vincent is also sought-after as a portrait artist. He has given several portrait demonstrations in the Harvard University Art Museums. His commissioned portrait of Irish poet Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill hangs in the Irish Collection in the Burns Library, Boston College.

As an artist who is dedicated to painting his subjects from life, Vincent paints with spontaneity and vigor, balanced by sensitive color and unusual subject matter. Viewers and critics often comment on his accurate portrayal of light and shadow, and the buttery texture of his work. Some of Vincent’s influences in painting include the Russian artists Valentine Serov and Isaac Levitan and the Spanish artists Velasquez and Sorolla.

Since moving to America, Vincent has exhibited paintings in over 40 one-man shows, from Maine to Massachusetts to Pennsylvania. He and his wife Kieran currently live in Boston.