Vincent Castellanet

  • SOLD Winter Sunset, Oil 18"x40"
  • Warm Welcome, Oil 14"x11" $950.
  • The Gondola, Oil 40"x50" $6800.
  • SOLD River Lenon, Oil 24"x20"
  • SOLD The Old Fishing Shack, Oil 40"x50"
  • Tending the Tiller, Oil 36"x36" $5500.
  • St Marc, Oil 48"x48" $6800.
  • SOLD, Nude, Oil 12"x9"
  • SOLD, Public Garden, Oil 20"x24"
  • Fifth Ave. Circa 1910, Oil 50"x36" $6800.
  • Keep Up, Oil 18"x40" $4800.
  • Fair Winds, Oil 12"x16" $950.
  • Arlington St., Oil 24"x20" $4800.
  • Galway Hooker, Oil 20"x24" $4400.
  • Broadway, Oil 24"x18" $4400.
  • Farmhouse, Oil 20"x24" $4400.
  • Before the Sail, Oil 36"x40"$5500.
  • Flowers for the Table, Oil 24"x20" $2200.

Vincent Francis Castellanet grew up in Chicago, where he studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Academy of Fine Art. He also attended Quincy College, and studied under Father Thomas Brown, a recognized Midwest impressionist.

Painting is an integral part of the Castellanet family. Vincent is the nephew of Mark Castellanet, a well known Chicago artist who, in the 1920's and 1930's, won many coveted awards.

In addition to his fine art education, Vincent also studied graphic arts which ultimately led him to a successful commercial art career, specializing in package and display design. In 1973 he and his family relocated to New England to work for the Gillette Company as Director of Design.

While living in the suburbs of Boston, Vincent had the opportunity to explore and paint the many seaside towns with their charming New England qualities. He has since expanded his subject matter to Boston proper, with its gaslight, cobblestone streets and historic doorways.

After retirement from the Gillette Company, his painting career became a full time occupation. Today Vincent’s work is shown in many of Boston’s most prestigious fine art galleries, and is very successfully selling privately to a high profile clientele, as well as many fortune 500 companies.

In 1984 Vincent and his wife, Marguerite, made their first of many trips to Barbados. He then began to capture on canvas scenes of palm trees, white sand beaches and azure seas that are the essence of Barbados. His work is currently on display in the Gallery of Caribbean Art in Speighstown.

Vincent resides on the North Shore of Boston with his wife Marguerite, who is a well-known interior designer. He is the father of two married daughters, Shawn Cashin and Tracy Burns, and the proud grandfather of four boys.