• Lilacs & Teacup, Oil 8"x10" $700.
  • Little Spanish Girl, Oil 6"x8" $650.
  • Stepping Out, Oil 6"x8" $675.
  • Hydrangeas & Yellow Roses, Oil 10"x12" $950.
  • The Old Barn, Oil 9"x12" $900.
  • Pansies in Blue Vase, Oil 18"x18" $1500.
  • Pink Clematis, Oil 12"x9" $900.
  • Red Begonias, Oil 10"x20" $1200.
  • Water Melon, Oil 18"x24" $2200.
  • White Petunias, Oil 9"x12" $750.
  • White Plate and Flowers, Oil 16"x24" $1400.

Tatiana V. Yanovskaya was born in Ukraine . The only child of working class parents, Tatiana was raised in a Soviet-style “doma” in Ukraine 's largest industrial city just 550 miles south of Moscow . Throughout her school years she was exposed to the paintings of the greatest Russian and Ukrainian traditional artists. Although well cared for, Tatiana was a lonely child and relied on a vivid imagination to occupy and express her creativity through ballet dancing (Nut Cracker) and play acting in school and local theatre events. Unable to afford a piano Tatiana was discouraged from pursuing her first inclination toward the arts – music. In primary and secondary school she was, however, able to take basic courses in drawing and design in the local art schools and art studios.

She started to study drawing and painting while living in Ukraine . However, seriously she continues the pursuit of art in 1998. She became a member of the several art associations of the South Shore area of Boston and continued her study and training focusing on the obtaining much deeper knowledge on drawings and painting. During this time she has actively participated in all juried show through the North River Art Society in Marshfield Hills , MA , Duxbury, South Shore Center of art, Quincy art association, and others.

Tatiana has studied oil medium with the foremost famous artists like Dan Gerhartz , Carolyn Anderson, Mark Daily, Timothy Thies, Peter Schroth, Jeorge Nick, Scott Burdick, Diane Rath, Richard Schmid, Nancy Guzik , Susan Lyon, Clayton Beck III, John Budicin, Kevin McPherson, Ken Backhaus, George Strickland, Ted Muller, Dennis Cheaney, Jove Wang, Ned Jacob.

Tatiana's love of Russian Traditional Paintings is everlasting. A special place in her heart belongs to the superb works of Russian artists Repin, Serov, Nicolai Fechin, I. Kramskoy and many other great Russian painters. She admires the work of such masters like Holbein, Hals, Vermeer, Sorolla, Anders Zorn, Leonardo Da Vinci, Norman Rockwell, Adrew Lumis, Thayer, Robert Henri and many others of the world's greatest.

Galleries :

South Street Gallery , Hingham , MA

Art Gallery, Situate, MA.

Harbor Gallery, Sunapee , NH 

Purple Gallery , Lebanon , NH

Art Gallery, Warner, NH

Lorica Artowrks, Andover, MA