Maryanne Jacobsen

  • Into the Wind, Oil 8"x8" $550.
  • SOLD, Cocky, Oil 8"x10"
  • Island Light, Oil 8"x10" $600.
  • Humble Icon, Oil 16"x20" $1550.
  • A Burst of Color, Oil 20"x16" $1550.
  • SOLD, Nantucket Morning, Oil 12"x16"
  • The Red Vase, Oil 12"x9" $700.
Maryanne Jacobsen is a contemporary impressionist with a distinctive and unforgettable style. Maryanne strives to create paintings that capture the light and remarkable hues of God's own magical canvas and sacred palette, which He shares with all who choose to see His signature beauty, light and vibrant color. Although primarily self-taught, Maryanne has taken workshops with David Leffel, Robert Liberace, Clayton Beck, Julie Hanson, Hodges Soileau and other artists that she admires. Since she began painting in 2006, she has garnered numerous awards, including First Place and Best of Show. She enjoys painting from life, and paints en plein air as often as possible. She is being collected enthusiastically throughout the United States and abroad, and corporate collectors include the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida.