Mary Lou Lawson

  • Cathedral on the Hill, Mixed Media 16"x20" $1200.
  • Cottage in the Woods, Mixed Media 15"x22" $1200.
  • Irish Cottage, Mixed Media 16"x20" $1200.
  • Old Stone Cottage, Mixed Media 22"x28" $1300.
  • Pnd View, Mixed Media 30"x22" $1400.

I have sketched all my life but didn't start painting seriously until my children were grown. I spent seven years under the gentle tutelage of Renee Travis Reilly in her Spring Life Studio in SW Minneapolis. She was a talented and well educated artist with a MFA from Notre Dame and a BA from the University of Iowa.

Like everyone else, I started showing at art fairs most notably the Excelsior Lake Art Fair and Park Square in St. Paul. Then I moved on to the art galleries. The Artique, in Anoka, Elayne Gallery, St. Louis Park, The Minnetonka Art Gallery, Wayzata, Meadow Creek Galleries in the Galleria, Edina, and for ten years painted and sold exclusively at The Dublin Walk located in the Galleria in Edina. All of these galleries are located in Minnesota.