Katie Sweetman

  • SOLD, The Wheat Field, Conte/Acrylic 22"x19"

Over the past year, Katie Sweetman has been photographing and sketching the fields around where she grew up in Meath. She has collected a year’s worth of work to try and capture the landscape through the seasons. She used white conte and acrylic washer on coloured paper to achieve a painterly effect in the drawings.

Using these photographs and drawings, Katie has been working on a series of oil paintings reflecting the changing landscape throughout the year. She attempts to keep elements of the drawings in the paintings. For example, the white outlines that delineate the blocks of colour and texture. Her canvases vary in size from under 1 ft. to 4 ft. squared.

Sweetman draws inspiration from subjects found in her close physical surroundings. She paints urban scapes, seascapes, still life, portraits, interiors and nudes in bright slabs of colour. Sweetman is represented in numerous public collections including the Heritage Council, Duchas and Meath County Council.