JD Logan

  • Tree of Life, Framed Print 14"x11" $65.00

Self-taught Contemporary Artist JD Logan lives in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts. He first began painting in 1998 when a serious injury to his left hand forced him to set aside his lifelong passion: playing guitar

Teaching himself the basics, he took his first paintings to The Birdhouse Gallery in Gt. Barrington, MA hoping for advice. Instead he was offered the chance to have a solo exhibition of his work later that same year. The success of that show inspired him to explore his potential in the art world.

JD appears at over 20 fine art festivals each year in the Northeast. His work has been featured in national magazines such as Country Home, Early American Life and Sunshine Artist. He was featured in the PBS series “Making it Here”. JD’s art can also be seen on the set of TV’s “The Gilmore Girls”

His work appears simple, but there is an underlying complexity. Intentionally leaving people and animals out of his work gives it a feeling of stillness and solitude, allowing the viewer to place themselves into the scene and make it their own. “All of my scenes are imaginary, but I use the surroundings of my Berkshire home for inspiration, as well as the many towns I visit while traveling to shows throughout the Northeast. I try to create works of art that the viewer finds comforting and familiar while at the same time new and intriguing.”

JD works full time on his art from his newly created home studio “The Studio @ Half Acre Farm”, with Kim (his wife of 20 years) his daughter, 10 year old Emilee (an aspiring actress and rock guitarist) and 3 feline studio assistants ...Patches, Tootsie & Gary.