Edy Sproule

  • At Anchor, Moville, Oil 14"x18" $1350.
  • Isle of Doagh, Oil 24"x18" $1690.
  • Quiet Inlet, Oil 10"x14" $1025.

Edi was born in Coleraine in 1918 and married in 1941. She was always keen on painting, but it was not until she had gone on a painting holiday to Wales that she began to realize she might have some potential as an artist. Unfortunately, painting would remain very much a hobby, with her work being given away as gifts to family and friends. 

In 1995, she presented work at the McGilloway Gallery and as a direct result of this, was offered a one-person show. This exhibition was one of the most successful ever held at the Gallery. Edi Sproule is a remarkable woman, intelligent, fun-loving and gifted. She earned her BA at the age of 60 and had her first exhibition at the age of 80.