Dennis Poirier

  • Old Paint Factory II, Acrylic, 6"x6" $245.
  • Hot and Hazy, Oil 16"x20" $2400.
  • SOLD, Along the River, Oil 6"x6"
  • SOLD, After the Rains IV, Acrylic 5"x7"
  • After Five, Oil 16"x20" $2400.
  • Card Mill Reflections, Oil 12"x16" $1250.
  • Comm. Ave., Oil 6"x8" $285.
  • SOLD, Marshall Point Sunset, Acrylic 6"x6"
  • SOLD, Reflection, Oil 6"x6"
  • SOLD, Rainy Day Errand, Newbury St., Acrylic 8"x8"
  • Mending Nets, Oil 12"x16" $1250.
  • Spring Blossoms, Oil 6"x8" $285.
  • The Old Fence, Oil 12"x16" $1250.
  • SOLD, Twilight Marshall Point, Acrylic 6"x6"
"To observe light, shadow, the vibrations of color between them, and strong designs in nature is essential to plein air painting. The essence of place, the character of the scenery, and the fleeting qualities of light and mood is captured in an artist’s eye. Dennis believes painting on location is worth a thousand photographs. The camera records everything, the artist must be selective. Nature is the source and inspiration. Dennis Poirier’s passion for painting shows in every carefully placed brushstroke and every slice of color against color".     Dennis Poirier
Dennis Poirier grew up in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The colors, sights, and sounds of the busy port and fishing fleet inspired Dennis. His earliest memory is of his father drawing his portrait.   Dennis says his parents always supported his art and that gave him confidence. 

Dennis began to paint and soon became a part of the long line of Cape Ann’s contribution to American impressionist painters. He feels proud and fortunate to be part of the Cape Ann legacy. 

Dennis began his studies in high school and then went to Butera School of Art in Boston. He returned to Cape Ann to become the first student studying the Atelier System with John C. Terelak and Ted Goerschner at the newly formed Gloucester Academy of Fine Arts. Later he moved to New York City to study at the Arts Student League winning the Charles J. Romans Memorial Award at his very first national exhibit at the Allied Artists of America Show. 

He treasures his time, memories, and inspiration from artists Don Stone, David A. Leffel, John C. Terelak, Salvatore Fortunato Grasso,Tom Nicholas and Paul Strisik. 

Dennis is a member of  the  North Shore Arts Association, and Rockport Art Association.