Dennis Colverson

  • Above Pollan Bay, Oil 24"x24"
  • Glashedy Showers, Donegal, Oil 24"x30"
  • After the Storm, Pollan Bay, Inishowen, Oil 24"x30"
  • The Day Closing, Oil 24" x24"
  • Tranquility, Oil, 24"x48"

Dennis Colverson’s working life in graphic design and advertising has been followed in recent years by his enthusiasm for painting both landscapes and portraits. He has created numerous collections of intricate and moving pieces, capturing the viewer with both the intensity of his colors and the soft abstracted lines in his paintings. This can be seen with exemplary clarity in his body of work, “Between the Swilly and the Foyle.”

Dennis has made a name for himself in these two genres, exhibiting at galleries in Inishowen, Ireland. His reputation has been garnering recognition and success across the water in England and his home town of Chelmsford, Essex.