Declan Marry

  • SOLD, Before the Wind, Oil 10"x8"
  • SOLD, Catching the Breeze, Oil 10"x8"

Dublin-born artist Declan Marry is a graduate of Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design. He initially focused on sculpture; however his career to date has explored the creative possibilities of oil on canvas. His ability to express in three dimensional terms has clearly defined his approach to paint. He works exclusively in oil relishing the texture and depth produced by his impasto technique.

An invitation to study and teach in Italy provided the opportunity for him to develop his approach to colour. While the subject matter of choice is quite definitely focused on his native Ireland, he employs a rich and explosive pallet that reflects the energy and passion he brings to creative process.

Inspired by childhood memories of countryside and coastal trips yet clearly rooted in tumult of city life, his work encompasses landscape, seascape and