David Gordon Hughes

  • Lily Lake in the Moonlight, Inisfree, Oil over Gold Leaf Ground 18"x14" $3500.

Born in Belfast in 1957, David lives and works near his native city.

It was in this city as a boy, that David's passion for painting developed. An entirely self-taught painter, it was, he recalls, his frequent trips to F.G. Davis, the much-loved art shop in Belfast's North Street Arcade, that so inspired his love of art and his desire to paint.

Here is was that David discovered a fascination with pigment and a burning ambition to explore the vast range of possibilities afforded by tone and colour.

F.G. Davis was the only shop of its kind in Belfast at that time.

Sadly, it is no longer there, but the poignant memories of buying oil painting and brushes and of time spent there admiring wonderful Irish Art on show, have always stayed with David.

Now a string of successful exhibitions to his name both at home and abroad, David can reflect with satisfaction on those early days in Belfast, and how things have changed.